Teaching Statement

I was fortunate to have some outstanding teachers in my life. They shaped me as a person, a student, and a teacher. As they inspired my learning, they also created my passion for teaching. In the last few years, I have taken almost every teaching opportunity I can. The process inspires new ideas for my research, strengthens my communication of the material, and renews my passion for the field.

Good teaching requires empathy and enthusiasm. I have been a student my entire life. This gives me the ability to understand what students expect and also what they should be given by their instructors. Students can sense when people do not care about what they are presenting. I am lucky to be teaching something that I am truly passionate about. I am rewarded when I see understanding in my students.

I push my students hard. I have a reputation as a rigorous instructor and a fair grader. Education is what you make of it. Students often enter my classes very concerned about grades. They quickly learn that I am concerned about their understanding of the material. Attendance is taken in all my classes. My exams are tough. I curve grades, but each semester I have a handful of students that require no curve to achieve a natural A. I often encourage these students to aim higher than simply graduating.

I believe in outside reading. I love books. In almost every class that I teach there is a required book other than the textbook. Economics is about telling good stories. There is no shortage of quality writing outside of journals and textbooks. I embrace these works in the classroom and my spare time.

I treat every class I teach as a performance. A quality education should combine good stories with a memorable delivery. While presentation is important, content is king. I believe this to be very true in higher education. I strive to bring the clearest, most relevant, and most memorable content into my classroom.

Technology is changing the way we learn. This year, I have incorporated clicker response systems into my courses. It has changed the dynamic of the classroom and allows students to observe their own economic behavior in real time instead of some given data. Also this year, I began creating content for a company that specializes in non-linear learning. It is as if a virtual tutor is guiding you through the material. This is the future path of learning.

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